2017 Award Winners

The Carolinas Parking Association is pleased to announce the 2017 Awards of Excellence Winners:

Cat1 (1)
Cat1 (2)

Category I – New Facility Design

City of Greenville, SC

Broad Street Garage

Project Team:

  • Owner: City of Greenville
  • Architect/Designer/Engineer: Gensler
  • Parking Transportation Consultants: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
  • General Contractor/CM: Harper Corporation
  • Parking Transportation Operator/Management: City of Greenville Parking Services
  • Parking Transportation Equipment/Supplier: Amano McGann with IPARC Professional/ Cincinnati Systems/Carolina Time and Parking Group
  • Parking Security: ASG Security

Project Information:

  • 675 spaces – 5 story pre-cast
  • 2 fully controlled entries w/gates & automatic pay station
  • 24 security cameras
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • $9 million construction cost – 12 months

Category II – Parking Structure Renovation / Rehabiliation

City of Raleigh, NC

City of Raleigh Parking Deck Repairs

Project Team:

  • Owner: City of Raleigh, NC
  • Architect/Designer/Engineer: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
  • General Contractor/CM: Strickland Waterproofing

Project Information:

The City of Raleigh Deck Repairs project included repairs to 4 parking decks comprising over 4,100 spaces, all of which are in downtown Raleigh, NC: Performing Arts Parking Deck (128 W. South Street); Cabarrus Street Parking Deck (436 S. Salisbury Street); City Center/Progress Energy Parking Deck (429 S. Wilmington Street); and Wilmington Street Station Parking Deck (115 S. Wilmington Street). The project scope included structural, waterproofing, operational, plumbing system, and aesthetic repairs. The project reached substantial completion in 2017 and had an overall construction value of $1.7 million.

Cat2 (1)
Cat2 (2)
Cat3 (1)

Category III – Parking System / Operation

City of Durham, NC

Reinvent 2017: Parking Innovation through Digital Technology

Project Team:

  • Owner: City of Durham, NC
  • Parking Transportation Operator / Management: Republic Parking System
  • Parking Transportation Equipment / Suppliers: Parkeon, IPS, Passport Parking, Parking Soft

In the words of Marshall Bruce Mathers, III, “Look if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you wanted in one moment, would you capture it?  Or just let it slip?”  It is with this premise that the Division of Parking Management, under the leadership of Thomas Leathers, set out to reinvent itself “from the ground up” into a 21st century, vendor-hosted, cloud-based data and technology-driven, efficient operation, which has realized over a $1 million dollar increase in annual revenues and secured investments of $27.9 million for capital improvement and infrastructure projects. The City has realized transformative and catalytic parking successes driven by policy, data analytics, technology, innovation and the adoption of an agile process that breaks down projects into more manageable chunks and to deliver functionality on a quarterly basis rather than on multi-year timetables.

Category IV – Parking System/Structure Marketing Program 

City of Durham, NC

Paid On-Street Parking Program Communications Plan

Project Team:

  • Owner: City of Durham, NC
  • Parking Transportation Operator / Management: Republic Parking System
  • Parking Transportation Equipment / Suppliers: Parkeon, IPS, Passport Parking
  • Parking Security: City of Durham, Office of Public Affairs

The downtown Durham area is experiencing a multitude of growth via revitalization of historic properties for commercial and residential use.  Local venues host numerous special events.  The 2013 Comprehensive Study recommended a paid on-street parking system to encourage a higher turnover of vehicles.  The Division implemented paid, on-street metered parking downtown in February 2017, impacting 1,000 spaces which were previously free with time limitations.  The Division developed a comprehensive marketing and communications plan, including information cards and a key tag for license plate numbers. The City also hired 25 temporary Parking Ambassadors wearing bright yellow vests to provide on-street equipment tutorials and customer assistance; Team member and Senior Leaders vendor training; Outreach at monthly stakeholder meetings, town halls, and budget presentations.

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Cat5 (2)
Cat5 (1)

Category V – Front Line Employee

City of Greenville, South Carolina – Parking Services

Ms. Sandra (Sandee) Fix

Sandee Fix has been with Parking Services for seven years and is one of five Parking Maintenance Specialists for the City of Greenville .  Sandee’s daily responsibilities include maintaining three City garages.  On a daily basis, you can find Sandee emptying trashcans, moping stairwells and elevators, replacing light bulbs, dusting light fixtures, cleaning signs, pressure washing spills and repairing gate equipment.  Sandee has a niche for painting and often times volunteers to do special projects, such as painting elevator landings, walls, doors, curbs and bollards, saving the city time and money.

Being a maintenance specialist is not the most glamorous job.  In that role, employees are constantly scrutinized and subjected to some not so pleasant situations, nevertheless there is not a day that goes by that Sandee’s smile and enthusiasm does not electrify the garage she is working in! Whether it is painting or cleaning Sandee is always on move without losing that great smile and attitude.  Recently with the 4th of July on the horizon, Sandee suggested how great a fresh coat of paint on the curbs, and bollards at the entrances and exits of the garages would improve their appearance.  She offered to take the lead on this project and with a paint can in one hand and a brush in another “Super Sandee” jumped into action. Soon after finishing her assigned garages, as always, Sandee was willing to help her fellow employees complete their tasks.

On several occasions, Sandee has saved animals such as birds and ducks from being injured in the garage, taking injured animals to shelters to make sure they get the necessary attention.   Sandee is reliable, honest and hard working.    I cannot think of a time that Sandee has been late to work in seven years.   We are so thankful to have her and she would be a great choice for this award.

When not at work, Sandee spends time with her family or at home in her yard;  she loves animals and being outdoors.


Letter from Dennis Garrett, Parking General Manger at City of Greenville :

  • “Sandee has been with the department several years in our Maintenance Division.  In my interactions with her, I have observed that she takes pride in the facilities where she works and takes everything with those garages as her personal space.  She routinely takes it upon herself to approach her supervisor and section manager with suggestions on things that she might need to accomplish her various jobs in the garage.”

Letter from Claudia Major, Health Clinic Administrator at City of Greenville Employee Health Center

  • “On November 10, I was attending the SC State Association of Occupational Health Nurses Fall Conference in the One Building on Main. I was on the Planning Committee, and heard our 1st speaker was caught in traffic and would be late. Within a few minutes in came the speaker and Sandra Fix (Parking) assisting in carrying some presentation handouts.
    The speaker was a SC DHEC representative and we had nurses from SC, NC, GA, TN, IN, and VT at the event. You don’t know how much I appreciated seeing Sandra go above and beyond to help a stranger. This stranger was our 1st speaker.
    Sandra had an invaluable role to start our SC State Association of Occupational Health Nurses Conference. Many thanks to Sandra’s kindness to a stranger and being an ambassador for the City of Greenville.”