2014 Award Winners


Category I – New Facility Design —- 1st Place Winner

South Village Deck, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Submitted by UNC Charlotte Parking & Transportation

The parking facility was an integral part of a major residential village development on growing university of 26,000 students- UNC Charlotte.

1247 space deck primarily serves 2000+ students living in residential facilities, commuter students, faculty & staff who utilize the deck through AVI readers with passive readers installed in their parking permits and visitors utilizing a pay on foot station and exit verifiers.  Integrated with Regional Utility Plant and constructed simultaneously with 4 other projects in the South Village.  This project reflects the benefits of truly integrated design where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

New Facility Design—- 2nd Place Winner

Health Sciences II Parking Deck, Wake Technical Community College

Submitted by Kimley-Horn & Associates, Raleigh

As North Carolina’s largest community college, Wake Technical Community College’s five campuses serve nearly 69,000 students/year.  The state of the art Health Sciences Campus is adjacent to WakeMed Raleigh, exposing the need for a parking deck to support a campus focused on health care education that offers classes day and night.

The 511 space deck serves the Health Sciences campus well with its strategic functional layout, clear wayfinding signage, and dedicated pedestrian circulation routes enhanced with lighting and visibility.  Pedestrian safety, security and comfort were all high priorities of the design.  The deck was completed on time and within budget.

Category III – Parking System Operation – Most Innovative and/or Effective – 1st Place Winner

City of Durham Comprehensive Parking Study

Submitted by City of Durham Dept. of Transportation

The City of Durham performed a comprehensive examination of the existing parking system and commissioned an innovative Park+ parking modeling program in order to enhance the City’s capacity to provide an improved parking experience to those that work, visit and live in Durham.  The study analyzed several parking system elements including public perception of parking, existing parking trends, parking demand projections, operational strategies and organizational structure, financial projections and a review of monetization of the City’s parking system.

As a result the city hired a Parking Systems Manager to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the parking system through a more active management of the overall parking program.

Parking System Operation – Most Innovate and/or Effective – 2nd Place Winner

On-Street Parking Citation Issuance Solutions, City of Asheville,NC

Submitted by Brekford Parking & Collection Solutions and the City of Asheville

The City of Asheville Parking Services Division implemented a new electronic, parking citation issuance system that has increased the capabilities, efficiency and overall quality of the ticket writing process for City staff and on-street parking users.  The benefits to the City were realized almost immediately with professionally printed citations, automation of many of the Parking Service Divisions business rules including a visitor warning program and faster access to information to pay and/or appeal citations.   The City’s innovative system included a handheld enforcement device that is very rugged and will last for many years and is expandable to integrate with the City’s new pay by phone program.


Category IV – Parking System/Structure Marketing Program -1st Place Winner

Parking Permits in the Zombie aPARKalpse

Submitted by North Carolina State University Transportation Dept.

Students are visual learners and like to have fun; they are not interested in reading instructions.  Since we are fans of the popular TV program “The Walking Dead”, we came up with the idea of producing a short video featuring zombies conveying our parking message.  The video and poster were produced in house with minimal expense – creative director, communications specialist and an all volunteer cast — the only expense was less than $100.

We promoted in all social media outlets, campus partner websites and YouTube.  A link was posted on Transportation’s website with the teaser “For those of you who enjoy “visual” instructions, check out the Zombie aPARKalypse”.

Outcome was over 1200 hits to the website and positive feedback from partners and students.  It was fun and a team building opportunity — actors have asked to be in future productions.

Parking System/Structure Marketing Program – 2nd Place Winner

Park and Stride, City of Greensboro, NC

Submitted by City of Greensboro, NC

‘Parking  professionals team up with wellness experts in Greensboro, NC to get the whole community moving’

This is the month gym memberships, purchased with all good intentions 30 days ago, lose their luster – attendance falls, that extra half hour of sleep is much more appealing – many of us lose our will to keep exercising.   Greensboro found what we hope will be a fun way to keep our residents moving and healthier – no gym membership required either!.  In fact, its as easy as parking a car.

Park and Stride is a public service campaign in the City that promotes increased daily physical activity in lives of employees and residents. – encouraging stairwell use in the four downtown city-owned parking decks.

The initial partnership was between the City of Greensboro and the Univ. of North Carolina-Greensboro.  UNCG staff installed positively-themed prompt signs at the elevators in the decks and city hall to get patrons thinking about using the stairs and their legs instead of elevators.  44 city employees were photographed and each photograph was reproduced to a life size portrait, printed on metal and installed on the walls of stairwells.

Success! Park and Stride!

Pard: http://installmentloansbase.com