Paul Whetzel

Vice President SC


Parking Operations Manager, Charleston County

Paul has been in the parking industry for over 7 years. He manages a diverse group of 25 employees and oversees an annual budget of 3.5 million dollars. In terms of project management experience, he coordinated three different repairs and maintenance phases for the Cumberland St. Garage and the King & Queen Street Garage which included redesign of traffic flow, parking space allocation, structural modification and repairs. Paul designed and implemented a “Customer Service Initiative” at the King & Queen Street Garage. This initiative included moving employees to specific levels of the garage to allow easier access for all County citizens to the Courts and other County Offices. Paul received his Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP) certification in 2011. Paul previously worked for two major shipping companies before his employment with Charleston County. He holds a BS in Accounting from West Virginia University Institute of Technology.