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Remember to join us in Asheville for the CPA 2017 Fall Conference schedule for September 26th – 29th, so register now and hold the days on your calendars!

Stay tuned to CPA for an exciting year and thanks again for your support.

~ Carolinas Parking Association Board of Directors

About Membership

Carolinas Parking Association is a forum for the exchange of information among parking practitioners, managers and operators

Become a member of CPA and gain access to the following great benefits:

  • Provides a vehicle for vendors, suppliers and consultants to contact potential regional customers.
  • Provides a framework for networking among persons associated with the parking industry.
  • Provides a source of information on products and services used by the parking industry;
  • Opportunities for social interaction with other industry professionals.
  • Provides opportunities for social interaction with other industry professionals.
  • Association news and upcoming events.
  • Access to education materials. (coming soon)
  • Access to discussion boards to allow members to lean on colleagues for a variety of topics. (coming soon)

Membership in the Carolinas Parking Association (CPA) is based on the fiscal year of July 1 to June 30.”


Membership Types

Regular Members

REGULAR MEMBERS – Registration Cost $85.00 – New or Renewal
Regular members shall be municipalities and other government bodies, parking authorities, boards, bureaus, commissions, departments, colleges, universities, airports, hospitals, or agencies and other institutions having similar responsibility for the establishment, operation, maintenance control or direction of public parking

Associate Members

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS – Registration Cost $20.00 – New or Renewal
Associate members must be employed by a Regular, Affiliate or Consultant member and are additional representatives of the corporation or organization. This category also applies to individuals who have retired from the parking and transportation industry.

Affiliate Vendor Members

AFFILIATE/VENDOR MEMBERS – Registration Cost $85.00 – New or Renewal
Affiliate/Vendor members shall be corporations or individuals engaged in supplying goods or services in the parking field or interested in, or connected with the operation and development of public parking, whether for profit or otherwise, and who support the objectives of the association.

Consultant Members

CONSULTANT MEMBERS – Registration Cost $85.00 – New or Renewal
Consultant members shall be individuals or organizations providing consulting services to the parking industry.

Unaffiliated Members

UNAFFILIATED MEMBERS- Registration Cost $85.00 – New or Renewal
Unaffiliated members shall be any other individuals who support the objectives of the association and do not qualify for one of the other membership categories.


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