2022 CPMA Annual Conference & Trade Show
Educational Session

Data Driven Parking Lot Repair and Reconditioning

Thursday, September 15, 2022
9:30a - 10:30a
Ballroom C3

Kofi Thomas - Facilities Planning Manager-Transportation, NC State University 

Presentation Track:
Leadership / Management

Presentation Category: 
Maintenance and/or Operations

Presentation Description:
NC State University Transportation kept its parking lots on firm cycle of repaving without assessing the areas before prescription of work. COVID and a change in guards allowed for a new approach to be taken: Assessing areas using campus facilities partners and prioritizing the repaving or resealing (new to NCSU) based on other aligning projects, condition, aesthetic impact and need to redesign. These assessments also allowed for a ground level exploration of the area from the newly hired Facilities Planning Manager. This allowed the opportunity of getting a fresh set of eyes on the landscape and improve the optics of the beautiful NC State Campus.