2022 CPMA Annual Conference & Trade Show
Educational Session

How to Navigate Your Way Through Todays Parking Technology

Wednesday, September 14, 2022
2:30p - 3:30p
Ballrooms C1 & C2

Alexia Budko - Senior Director- Global Business Development, East West Park
Aidar Sarybayev - Director-Systems Integration, East West Park 

Presentation Track:
Leadership / Management

Presentation Category: 
Emerging Technology and Innovation

Presentation Description:
Interacting with any organization starts and ends with parking. Therefore, it is crucial that we make this process as smooth and efficient as possible to ensure the most enjoyable experience for our patrons. There was limited technology in the parking industry for most of its existence, however in the last 5 years there has been a plethora of new technological innovations as the industry is finally catching up. The problem that has arisen is that now the tech is evolving so rapidly that many facilities have not been able to adapt fast enough. Methodically analyzing each technology in each category is a requirement to maximize the benefits of each product. To manage operating and capital budgets that may not have grown as much as technology has, you must understand how the technologies on the market may work together. A comprehensive understanding of the technology on the market today can help operators and owners plan for the short and long term. Instead of piecemealing over time, the best practice is to look at technology in a comprehensive manner with a proper technical assessment and implementation plan. Our presentation shall discuss how to assess current technology needs, matching needs with short and long term plans, matching with operating and capital budgets, evaluating different suppliers, selecting the solution that is best adapted to your situation, financing a plan, and making sure you have the required support during implementation.