2022 CPMA Annual Conference & Trade Show
Educational Session

The Clash of EV Charging and Parking Garages

Wednesday, September 14, 2022
9:45a - 10:45a
Ballrooms C1 & C2

Blake Clamp, P.E. - Engineer, Kimley-Horn
Ryan Gram, P.E. - Associate, Kimley-Horn 

Presentation Track:
Leadership / Management

Presentation Category: 
Design / Construction
Emerging Technology and Innovation

Presentation Description:
Electric Vehicle (EV) charging in parking garages can be a polarizing topic among industry professionals. Most parking garages were designed to primarily accommodate the gas-powered vehicle. With the U.S. federal government’s announcement of $15 billion in infrastructure funding and 500,000 EV chargers on the grid by 2030, the parking structures industry must evaluate what measures need to be adopted when retrofitting existing or designing new facilities. Furthermore, many jurisdictions are now requiring 20% of new facilities to be EV Ready. This type of adoption is only expected to grow. Understanding what EV Ready means and how to best plan for the infrastructure is important to help ensure money is well spent to provide for futureproofing flexibility and avoid unnecessary additional costs and improvements down the road. This session will feature an expert debate between an EV engineer and a parking structural engineer. Audience participation will be engaging by using an app-enabled question and answer period. The point counterpoint-style presentation will feature the opposing views on the subject and an exchange of ideas, including approaches to planning, hardware & software, safety, monetizing, scheduling, equity, phasing, communications, and retrofitting.