About Us

Who we are

 The Carolinas Parking Association is a professional association of parking administrators, practitioners, suppliers, vendors and consultants formed for the purposes of acquiring knowledge; encouraging professional development; providing mutual support and creating an environment for professional interaction.

Membership is open to government bodies, authorities, colleges, universities, medical centers, airports, corporations, other types of businesses and individuals associated with the parking industry, and to others supporting the organization’s objectives.

The Carolinas Parking Association is affiliated with the International Parking Institute, and seeks to appeal to both the large and small institution, municipality, operator or business person with an interest in both national and regional parking related issues.

Carolinas Parking Association annually sponsors a Workshop and Trade Show in the fall. These 2 1/2 day events feature workshops, guest speakers, social events and displays of parking-related products including the latest in vehicle control equipment, computer hardware and software, revenue control products and a variety of industry related items.

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Carolinas Parking Association includes ten members from North and South Carolina and represent municipalities, colleges or university campuses, hospitals or medical centers, airports or other membership types such as consultants and vendors. The Board of Directors act as the governing body of the Carolinas Parking Association with the single goal of enhancing benefits to those members of the organization. The Board of Directors consists of a president; vice president; secretary; treasurer; consultant member representative; affiliate member representative, two members at-large and immediate past president. The current Board of Directors includes our President Carl DePinto, MBA and are provided below :

Meet The Board